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A Great Bonus When You Purchase the Tremor Workout Program

Because we know the importance of properly changing your lifestyle and nutrition to accelerate your results and make your fitness goal a reality, we are giving you the opportunity to also get the COMPLETE lifestyle-and-nutrition-changing program, MyDiet180.  

The program normally retails for $47, but if you TAKE ACTION NOW, it’s yours ABSOLUTELY FREE!

With the MyDiet180 Program:

  • Burn fat without counting calories or points.


  • Learn how to comfortably lose weight without starving yourself.


  • Reverse the aging process by getting the best out of your diet.


  • Avoid the common mistakes that sabotage weight loss goals.


  • A meal plan with healthy ideas for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans.


  • Learn how to replace your bad eating habits with new healthy ones.


  • Become an informed eater.


  • Learn how to be a savvy shopper and avoid impulse purchases.


  • Discover the best eating methods to maximize fat loss.


  • Learn how to balance your social life and weight loss goal.


  • Learn how to improve your time management and organisational skills to make meal preparation fun and easy.


  • Learn how to develop a disciplined mindset.


  • Learn how to build a strong support network to keep you motivated and consistent.

  • Learn the importance of keeping the right carbs in your diet for energy, and understand the health benefits associated with eating them.


  • Enjoy your favourite foods without feeling guilty.


  • Satisfy your sweet cravings and still lose weight.


  • Learn which natural sweeteners are best for meal preparation.


  • Discover how refined sugars and artificial sweeteners are negatively affecting your weight and health.


  • Discover how to control the bacteria in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract which cause excessive cravings and stop your addiction to junk foods. 


  • Learn when to eat your favourite foods to accelerate your weight loss goal.


  • Understand how to control the fat-storing hormone, insulin, and learn how to use it to help build lean muscle.


  • Learn how to reduce your chances of developing dietary and lifestyle related diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, or put yourself in a better position to reverse them and finally get off your meds.


  • Learn which healthy fats reduce inflammation and stave off disease.


  • Discover why foods labelled fat free, low fat, and non-fat are making you overweight and increasing the risk of you developing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.


  • Discover which fats can actually get you lean and stop excessive cravings.


  • Discover which unsuspecting foods are keeping you overweight.


  • Discover which natural supplements are best to accelerate your weight loss results, boost your immune system, and restore damaged joints. Also learn which supplements to avoid.


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