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The next group kicks off with our first webinar on: Saturday January 7th, 2017 at 5pm EST.


Registration closes on Saturday December 31st, 2016 at 23:59 EST.

In addition to getting the COMPLETE Tremor Workout and MyDiet180 programs, you are welcome to join my elite 180 Focus Group.



The 180 Focus Group is NOT for time wasters.


The 180 Focus Group is only for people who want results.



For 4 weeks you will have full access to my knowledge, expertise, and passion for great health.

Under my no-nonsense tutelage, which comes with a lot of tough love (you were warned), I will get you on track as I nurture your new mindset and determination to achieve your fitness goal.


I will help you to build discipline into your lifestyle and stay accountable to your goal.


You will follow a clean diet for 6 days of the week, and have one guilt-free day to let your hair down a bit.


You will keep a detailed Daily Nutrition Diary (DND) of what you eat and drink, and when. Your DND will be reviewed by myself and constant feedback and advice will be given to help tweak your nutrition to maximise your results.


You will message me at the end of each workout to let me know that you are finished.


For fun, members like to send me short videos of themselves working out or pictures of themselves sweating profusely at the end of their workouts. They even tell me they hate me. It's a love-hate relationship.


The group will meet once a week via the GoToMeeting app or website. Members find the

meetings useful as we share our experiences and discuss nutrition, exercise, struggles,

and triumphs.


Members find my ‘speeches’ especially helpful as I keep them motivated for the week ahead.


The meetings are always held on Saturdays at 5pm EST.


Note: Meetings tend to be longer at the start of the focus group, as members tend to have more questions then, and can run for up to two hours.


You will have to supply body measurements at the end of each week. This includes providing measurements of key body parts (arms, legs, chest/bust, midriff, hips), and you will also need to provide body percentage ratios for fat, muscle, water, and bone density (get the appropriate scale).


You will need to provide photos of yourself at the start of the focus group, and also provide photos at the end of each week.


Your privacy is important to me, and I will NOT share your information or photos with anyone.


Having your BEFORE and AFTER pictures on my website is optional.


The opportunity to become a member of my elite 180 Focus Group has a value of $1,000, but for a limited time only I’d like to give you a 50% discount.



You can join my next focus group for only $500 (non-refundable)



I only accept a maximum of 20 people in each group, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

"The 180 Focus Group was extremely organised, and having to record and report everything really kept us on our toes. Because of this, we were motivated to do our very best and push ourselves to the limit, because we had to account for our progress. It was also really nice and informative to hear of the struggles and successes other people were having. We were able to help and support each other as we made our journey towards a healthier lifestyle and our ideal weight/body composition. Mark was very supportive, and still is even after the focus group ended. Mark is not interested in quick fix methods, but instead advocates a change in lifestyle that will naturally bring results over time. 

You can't go wrong with Tremor Workout and MyDiet180 with Mark there to support you."

- Stanley Tulloch 

"The focus group with Mark was a great experience! Not only did I have Mark's personal care and motivation which are both generated from Mark's sincerity in wanting to help me to be the best I can be, but I also had access to the other members to exchange and shed excuses that were holding me back, as well as get motivation from others as we shared in successes, and helped each other through setbacks. Also, the focus group is very well organized and regimented with consistent communication from Mark, which was essential to help me to establish new lasting changes in my lifestyle."

- Jeffrey Clapp 

"The weekly conference calls and having to keep a record of everything really helped to keep me accountable as I built discipline into my lifestyle. Mark believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. He kept saying, “If I can do it, anyone can.” He kept on me throughout the process and never let up once, even when I struggled at the start with kicking some of my bad habits. Those 8 weeks were not only challenging, but extremely rewarding. With the results I’ve gotten as a member of the focus group there is no way I’m going to slip back into my old ways. No way!"

- Mark Green 

"It’s great to have Mark work with you if you are truly committed to changing your lifestyle to discover your new self. Mark supports you all the way and is very accessible.  He wants it just as badly as you, if not more, because he understands the struggle. If you are looking for great results and accept that it doesn’t happen overnight, then Mark is your guy."

- Cassidy Drummond 

"In my years of experience trying to get in shape, I tend to lose focus in exercise regimens after a few weeks. Knowing that I wasn’t in it alone, and that there were other people in the same boat, possibly struggling with even bigger challenges than my own, kept me getting back on, even when I had fallen off and was wondering to myself if I can stay until the end. The clever thing about a focus group for people trying to get in shape, is that it leverages human nature to overcome human failings – the desire to perform well in the presence of others and the motivation to not let others down pushes us to ignore our own comfortable excuses. Mark was always there for us, keeping us up to date on physical problems we had encountered, or difficulties with diet. Being in a group of people means that you will likely even pre-emptively receive information on a problem you will have down the track. The conference calls were interesting too. I really enjoyed hearing about what the guys and gals were getting up to around the world. The focus group was totally worth it, and I really felt taken care of by experiencing this as a group. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who easily falls prey to their own excuses, or has trouble working up motivation on their own."

- Luke Stoltenberg  

"It's a pity we weren't able to meet face to face, because that would have made the meetings even more meaningful, but I accepted that members were dotted all over the world. However, connecting as we did was very good for me. It made me feel I wasn't alone in this struggle towards good health. Hearing that others had struggles with some of the exercises, and that they too had concerns about losing or gaining weight during the 8 weeks was reassuring in a community sort of way. The focus group created connections that added to the overall effectiveness. Thanks Mark!"

 - Bridgette Roye 

“I really learned a lot from our weekly conference calls, and Mark's hands-on support during my participation in the focus group helped tremendously. The most important take away for me was that although I felt down about many of my shortcomings, there were others like me in the group struggling - sometimes even more. It was actually quite encouraging to hear others talk about their secret habits or slips. I realized it's common to all people. "There is nothing wrong with me". Mark constantly reminded us to get back on the horse (especially with our diets) as quickly as possible and not to beat ourselves up over little slips. While being a member of the group I got better and better at managing the urges and learned the importance of balance.”

- Bazil Findlay

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