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Tremor Workout


Join the elite 5% who lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Improve your health and increase your longevity.

Rebuild your self-esteem and self-confidence.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have become.” – George Eliot

  • A professionally-planned program divided into 3 4-week levels.


  • Work out for only 3 times per week, and finish your workouts in well under an hour.

  • Suitable for busy people with limited time to work out.

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Your reversible wristband will help you stay accountable to your goal. 

Anyone of any age can work out anytime, anywhere.

  • Burn up to 1,000 calories in each workout and increase your resting metabolic rate to burn calories for up to 48 hours.


  • Core-focused exercises to sculpt your abs.


  • Short-burst high intensity interval training (HIIT Cardio) to maximise your body’s fat burning potential.


  • Watch the inches melt away as your body fat disappears and your muscles appear with amazing definition.


  • Keep yourself challenged as you build strength and endurance.


  • Over 70 metabolism-boosting exercises that offer a wide range of variety. You'll never be bored.





  • Can be adjusted to suit your level of fitness.

  • The days of muddling through unstructured workouts will be a thing of the past.

  • Step-by-step written instructions with detailed photos are at your fingertips with the Tremor Workout program, and an added bonus is that you can also watch short demonstration videos of each exercise by simply clicking on its name.​

"The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work." - Arthur Brisbane

When I was around 30lbs overweight in my mid-30s, I hated how my stomach looked.

I lacked energy, felt down in the dumps about my body, and knew that the road I was on was without fail taking me to high blood pressure, diabetes and/or heart disease if something didn’t change.

I wore baggy clothes to hide my flabby stomach, and through sheer laziness I also tried to cut corners by using weight loss supplements and gadgets that didn’t work.

At that time I wasn’t yet ready for real change.

That belly had to go!

I had a choice to make. I could either continue on the road that I was on, or choose a different path. I chose a different path.

I changed my mindset and took action!

I became so passionate about my new lifestyle that I became a fully certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, because I wanted people who struggle with their weight to achieve what I did.

If you are overweight, you too can choose a different path.

Because I know the importance of properly changing your lifestyle and nutrition to accelerate your results and make your fitness goal a reality, I'm giving you the opportunity to also get my COMPLETE lifestyle-and-nutrition-changing program, MyDiet180.  

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The program normally retails for $47, but if you


  • Clear and concise information to help you lose weight immediately.


  • Learn what unsuspecting or so-called healthy foods are keeping you overweight.


  • Increase your longevity by strengthening your immune system and stave off common diseases.

  • A meal plan with healthy ideas for meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans.

  • Pleasure your taste buds with every meal


  • Includes recipes and images.

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  • Breakfast and Post-Workout Smoothies

  • Green Smoothies

  • Anytime Smoothies

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Stanley Tulloch


"Tremor Workout is an AMAZING program! After Level 1 of the program you'll without doubt start feeling and seeing results. It won't happen overnight, but if you keep consistent with your diet and workout program, the results will keep coming until you reach your goal.

Being able to watch demonstration videos on my phone almost made it feel as though Mark was right there with me. I got great results on this program. A must buy!"

Takeshi Kamimera

"I started Tremor Workout because it allowed me to exercise in the comfort of my home in a very short time only 3 times per week, and I can still be available for husband and daddy duties as soon as I get done.

Just before starting Tremor Workout my body fat was at 24%, and by the time I approached the end of Level 2 I was at 14%. The program really does work! I’m so happy with my results! You have to get it!"  

Mark Green


"Every successful athlete has a coach, and even though I’m not an athlete, I’m so happy that Mark has been mine.

I had a one-week deadline to read his eBook on nutrition before starting Tremor Workout and the focus group. He also advised that my wife read his book as well, as she does most of the cooking. That eBook alone made me and my wife see where we were going wrong with our diets, and made it easy for us to change our lifestyles.

With the combined knowledge of Mark’s eBook, Tremor Workout, and the support of his focus group, I was able to get amazing results. I’m 6’5”, and started out at 228lbs, and in less than 3 months I was able to achieve the amazing feat of losing over 20lbs of fat while building lean muscle. I did it all without weights and machines."

Cassidy Drummond


"I’m ecstatic with my results! When I look at my BEFORE picture compared to my AFTER picture I feel a bit choked up looking at how far I’ve come. Tremor Workout has given me the opportunity to turn my lifestyle around. It really works! My wife is also very appreciative of my new body."

“When I told you that I was feeling bummed out about the weight I had gained you sent me your programs without hesitation and reminded me to keep an open mind. The information MyDiet180 provides on nutrition is clear and to the point. It’s a real eye-opener. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about nutrition and what real health is. I love your meal plan! And Tremor Workout is lots of fun. You have helped me to get closer to my ideal weight. A couple more months and I’ll be at the finish line. Your eternally grateful cousin…”

- Bridgette Bravo-Foreman

“…After I purchased your programs my husband told me that I was just wasting my money like I had done before on fat loss supplements. I told him that my goal was to lose 12kg, and I was serious about doing it. He bet me that I couldn’t do it in less than six months. We agreed that if I lost the weight within that time he would take me shopping for an entirely new wardrobe and do the dishes for a year. Based on my past failures he thought he was going to win the bet, but I’m the one laughing last with all the new clothes and clean dishes. I did it in 3 months on your programs. He doesn’t mind doing the dishes because he loves my new body. So do I. Thank you so much!”

- Yuko Tanaka

“…I was ok with my wife jokingly commenting on my love handles, until one day I actually looked at myself in the mirror before heading to the pool for a swim and saw that my love handles had morphed into a mini muffin top, so I decided to put a stop to it. I started your programs; following your advice on nutrition. My schedule at work is very busy, and I often finish late, so l started waking up at 5 a.m. again three mornings a week to do your workout program. The fat loss results have been amazing, especially around the midsection, which has always been the hardest place to remove it. My wife now joins me in the mornings to exercise. It’s fun doing it together. It has made our relationship stronger. Cheers mate!”

- Trent Scott

“…Your programs worked wonders at helping me to lose weight. I was reluctant at first but once I started making the changes you recommend I realised that your advice was accurate and made my goals realistically achievable. I’m feeling great since I started using your programs. Everyone is noticing the weight I have lost so far. Thank you so much for all your help.”

- Ercan Irfan

"…I lost a lot of weight on your programs. I wore US clothes sizes 10-12 (M-L shirts) and now I can wear a size 2 (S shirts). I weighed 64kg, and now I’m down to 52kg. Thank you for all the great information! I feel great, and I owe it all to you. Thanks, Mark!”

- Lisa Lewis

“…I have always been into exercise, but I was starting to get a bit bored with what I did. A close friend of mine told me about Tremor Workout and how much it had helped her, so I decided to go ahead and get it. The exercises can be challenging, but I’ve never been one to run away from a challenge. I love that they are so varied. It’s impossible to get bored. I’ve gotten great results. You opened my eyes to many things I didn’t know about diet and nutrition with MyDiet180. I am a lot more mindful of what I eat and drink now. Your meal plan is great! It gave me some brilliant ideas that I never considered before. Thank you so much!” 

- Kadifa Jones

“Hey Mark! I’m glad that I started MyDiet180. The lifestyle strategies and diet tips have helped me to develop some great new habits, and the fat has been falling fast. I have a little more to lose, but it won’t take long. I have so much more strength and energy now. It makes my new hobby of indoor rock climbing a lot more fun. I have been able to really do a 180 with my lifestyle. Thank you so much for all the valuable information and motivation your programs provide.”

- Steve Pottinger

“…I followed your advice, changed my diet, and did your workout program, and in under six months I’m now at my ideal weight. I NEVER want to go back to how I was. I totally understand what you mean when you talk about gaining new confidence after losing weight. I’ve had a crush on a colleague of mine for a few years and never thought I would be in a position to ask her out, but with my new body and confidence I did. We had our first date last week and things are going well. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

- Timothy Thompson

"MyDiet180 is not a diet program. It gives nutrition and lifestyle advice and strategies on how to completely overhaul an unhealthy lifestyle, or in my case, tweak an already relatively healthy diet and make these diet changes part of your lifestyle so you can get to your optimal weight and stay there. The things I like best about MyDiet180 is not having to count calories, follow a strict meal plan or eat any special food. The program lays out foods and food combos that help reduce fat and gives easy and tasty recipes and meal ideas. Although the program clearly defines the things you must not eat to maximise weight loss, it does show how you can still enjoy your favourite foods without sabotaging your weight loss goal. I love that at the core, MyDiet180 is about eating and not about NOT eating."

- Jeffrey Clapp

"...Tremor Workout starts at a level that is very manageable and continues to build you and your abilities up before raising the bar. The variety of exercises is great, and can be done with minimal or makeshift equipment in a confined area (I live in a small Japanese apartment and I did the workouts between my telly and the lounge). I really enjoyed how the exercises are switched up, which is one reason I had gotten bored of exercise regimens in the past. Tremor was a fun, sometimes intense, and ultimately very rewarding program. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who has given up on exercise as a method for losing weight and getting into shape."

- Howard Smith

"I really loved reading and implementing the strategies and advice found in MyDiet180, because it confirmed many misconceptions I was taught about food and some companies within the food industry. For most of my life I believed the products in supermarkets were checked and confirmed as healthy for the general public. Over the last few years however, the media has been dropping stories on potential health risks connected to fast foods and much more. Mark's deep investigation and analysis of these things really empowered me to make better choices with what I put in my body. The research and advice found in MyDiet180 is really extensive, yet simple, and can help anyone understand the ins and outs of nutrition and how to lose weight and improve their health. Wonderfully easy to understand and implement for the highly motivated with the right mindset.  Great job, Mark!"

- Bazil Findlay

"Getting these programs is just common sense. I learned how to lose weight in a healthy way without starving myself, and I could still enjoy my favourite foods. My skin is better, I have more energy, and I look and feel better all round. I really did a 180 by using this cutting-edge program."

- Yui Takasaki


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The 3 Levels of Tremor Workout
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